Some say Facebook likes are worthless, while others use likes as their primary success metric.
As with many things in life – and business – the truth is somewhere in between.
While running my T-Shirt business, we used Facebook Like campaigns to generate tens of thousands of likes to our Facebook pages. Then we would routinely use those Facebook likes to predict what people would buy. Using that information, we’d create products (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.) and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in product.
Although the examples in this post will be from the t-shirt industry, the overall strategy can be used in just about any business. Almost every business can benefit from:
  • Understanding what emotionally resonates with customers,
  • Having a direct channel for feedback
  • More followers and fans
  • Having a quick way to get feedback on new ideas
Here, I’ll walk you – step by step – through the entire process. Starting with how to get tens of thousands of likes, to how to build a relationship with your fans, and finally how to use fan feedback to inform product choices.
Note: these were likes we got through Facebook Ads’ “Like Campaigns” – not fake likes. Buying fake likes is never a good idea. These were likes we got from within Facebook’s ad ecosystem, and were very high in engagement.
How These “Like Campaign” Ad Units Work
A Facebook Like Campaign is an ad campaign type within Facebook’s ad platform. The ad unit can be displayed on both mobile and desktop. The way it works is very similar to other ad types, except in this case people don’t click off of Facebook.
Instead, the call to action on the ad is “Like Page”. When someone clicks on the like button, they’ll like your page. Clicking on the image or your page name takes them to your page, where they can learn more about your page and potentially like your page there.
In this guide, we’ll use our writer page for the majority of our examples. We ran 100+ Facebook pages over the course of this business, to keep things consistent we’ll focus on just one niche.
Here is an ad we ran to get likes on our page for writers:
The ad targeting system for like campaigns is identical to other types of ad campaigns.
How to Get $0.06 Cent Likes
The key to getting inexpensive likes is to create an ad that gets people in your audience to think: “That sounds great! I’d like to get that in my newsfeed. Sign me up.”
Here are a few things that’ll help:
  • Don’t be a corporate page. It’s hard to get people to like United Airlines’ Facebook page. On the other hand, it’s much easier to get someone to like an “I Love to Travel” page.

    For brands – like United Airlines – many of these tactics should still work. Just expect like costs to be a bit higher.

  • Use keyword in your page name if possible. Invented names like “Kaizeo” are harder to work with than “Writers United” (if you’re targeting writers.)
  • Spell out what people will get if they like your page. For example, “get daily inspiration, how-tos & humor”. Don’t ask people to like just for the sake of liking your page.
  • Users should feel like they’re getting value by liking your page, not doing you a favor by liking your page.
  • Using images that stick out in the Facebook news feed. Your ad should break people out of their “news feed trance” and get them to pay attention to your ad.
  • Test cartoons – cartoons have performed well for us across multiple industries.
  • Test lots of different images. The images will make the biggest difference.
The last one is the key. Our cost per like ranged from $0.74 each to $0.05 each. That’s a 1,480% difference. The way we get cheap likes is by testing many different images.
You can get a screenshot of how we setup our ad targeting and ads here:
[ Download a Screenshot of Our Ad Targeting & Ad Setup ]
Example: Here Are 5 Images We Tested
$0.13 Per Like:
$0.12 Per Like: